About us

De kater will become the first catcafé in Eindhoven. It will be a place to have a nice cup of coffee, eat a homemade sandwich, have a quiet place to work, or a have cozy place to chat and you can do all of this with a cat in your lap. If you are not allowed to have a cat, because of your landlord, an allergic partner or for whatever reason, then visiting De Kater wil be the perfect solution! De Kater will become home to approximately 8 cats and also a home away from home for you and many others. De Kater will also become a very socially aware workplace, employing people with poor employment prospects. 

Social work

De Kater will offer meaningful daily activities and work placement places for young people with poor employment prospects. Working at De Kater will them give them the experience and skills needed to work in the food service industry.

A number of them will eventually transfer to a paying job. We will set up this course in cooperation with Autismepunt, an organization that mainly focusses on guiding people with autism on many aspects of their life.



We set up a crowdfunding project to help realize De Kater. We offered people fun gifts and rewards in exchange for donations. The crowdfunding was completed succesfully: we managed to raise €11.444 and everybody who donated has received their coupons.


Everybody who donated will also get a place on the Wall of Fame, a wall in De Kater where all the names of the people and companies who donated will be memorialized.



We will feed our cats Yarrah petfood. Yarrah produces the only fully organic catfood in the Netherlands. Yarrah only uses meat or chicken in their products from places that have better living condictions for their animals.


100% organic food is ofcourse also super healthy for the cats!


The cats will use the special litterboxes of PeeWee. their system uses woodchips which falls through into a collection tray underneath the litterbox when used for easy cleaning.


Saving us time and unwanted smells.


They will go to Dierenziekenhuis Eindhoven for all their necessary shots and if they become ill. Dierenziekenhuis Eindhoven has everything, from operations, xrays and bloodexaminations to everything in between.

they will keep a close eye on the health and wellbeing of our cats.


Coby Malogrino from Katviseur will monitor the behavior of our cats.

She will make sure the cats have a pleasant living environment and make sure no tension arise between the cats. 


The crowdfunding project gave us enough to start realizing De Kater! If you want to do something extra to help the cats and De Kater, you can still donate using the button below. Every extra donation we get goes to creating an even better socially concious workplace for the people with poor employment prospects. And it will ofcourse help us create an even beter cat paradise for our cats with even more cat toys, walkways and cat nests.